Monday, 18 June 2012


A.Y live On Stage (Abuja Invasion)

No Doubt It Was Another Masterpiece In Abuja As A.Y And Friends stormed the international conference center Abuja for this year’s invasion, even though its painstaking and time consuming to organize such a high profile show we should learn to do things right even in our imperfections, well that’s the difference between people living in different continent a friend tells me’..Below are some of the major flaws of the AY live Abuja invasion held on father’s day 17 June 2012 at the international conference center

1.     AY Live Abuja invasion did not have to remind us that we are Africans by keeping thousands of people endlessly waiting for the start of the show only to find out that he was only waiting for the ViP personalities to arrive’ the show was billed to start at 5pm but started at about 8pm, well will you blame him? he made this comment  live on stage‘ if to say we calculate all una 5,000 or 10,000 we for no come this show’ oooops did not see that one coming>
2.     AY live Abuja invasion had the first person on stage as Naija fm ush-bebe from lagos>As –in, it supposed to be ABUJA INVASION>helloooo as if it wasn’t enough he started making jokes about the Dana air plane crash that claimed 0ver 160 lives over a fourth night ago, that forced the no-nonsense hunk Benny Ark of cool fm to caution all the comedians about the use of the disaster to make a joke, wondering if anyone directly affected by that crash will have the heart to make a joke out of it, the most painful was that he did not even apologize after the caution…Goshhhhh
3.     Oh yes we had top notch act, but if i listened to the radio jingle and paid to watch tiwa savage I would have been CHEATED, tiwa is away to Beirut to shoot a new soda t.v advert alongside wizkid, Organisers cannot say they didn’t have prio knowledge, cos even Benny mentioned she was back-stage>loool>that’s robbery, trust me people sue for that especially in the USA
4.     You may have heard lines like this ‘to create joke no be joke’ but of what use would it be having our top notch comedians repeat their jokes all the time, we had Tuface Away and beyond album lunch on Sunday 10th june at transcorp Hilton some comedians repeated same joke just 7days apart as if they were expecting totally different crowd, shamefully some peeps were even reciting their jokes better than them, one of the secrets of being a distinguished talent is non predictability , trust me I can predict Apkpororo, funny bone, Emeka Smith infact Emeka smith and Apkpororo had a joke clash on the night>disgraceful if you ask me, there were trickles of fantastic jokes though from Gordons, Fred Bright, SEYI LAW, Pencil, I go dye’,  A.Y shaa>
5.     AND so there were so called forged tickets being hawked by criminals outside the venue, even though I condemn the act, organizers should have expected that and put special measures in place to contain them instead of rubbing it on our faces like everyone in the hall was a suspect…lol
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Anonymous said...

hmmm. When would this guys learn the act of perfect delivery?. Well since it was a comedy show, then i'll take this flaws as a joke. Lol

ziemife ononye said...

Wat do u expect????9ja tnz!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you cannot blame the issue of time on the organisers. who is interested in entertaining an empty hall? you must wait for Nigerians to come before you start the show. if he easy go organise show