Tuesday, 24 July 2012


 From: Nelson Jboy

 To: Rendezvous Crew

Gud morning Charles And Amaka prior to ur post on ur blog yesterday am using dis opportunity to adress the death treat by the young man to the celebrity (actress)While we’re busy creating new communities around ourselves online, sharing different aspects of our lives and building a visible record of ourselves for anyone to see, we don’t often stop to think about the implications of this for the concept of identity. Let me start by saying that this is not an easy concept.

It is something that continues, and will continue to, split opinion, with some seeing social media as the saviour and some seeing it as the devil. Though there may be no easy solution for the implications of social media and identity, it isn’t something we can afford to ignore, as it is shaping our everyday lives.

Threat of this nature attract punishment by cyber laws and if not properly checkmate will be transfered to real action has been observed in our case file.. I will quickly want u to think outside the box, why is kidnappin so popular in our country today? it has a reason of people not been able to handle information on social networks. today people display their bb pin on S.N, current location checkin, DP status potrayin their current status e.g "just receive my febuary allawance in cash".

Now the malicious guys that give out or sell out dis info are on our dp list, & in most case make use of social engineering to gather intels from us.. Note "Social engineering is the act of manipulating human minds, human by nature trust fellow human, still human is d weakest link to sort info from" so proper mismanagement of info on social network has lead to impersonation, kidnapin, terrorism, identity theft etc which we are facing today.
Wuld reli like to have a talk show on my free time to enlighten u/ nigerian on the weapon of physcial & virtual world and hw. Best we can properly use cyber intelligence to combat terrorism & gather intels on our target.

This is not just inspiring but timely and the rendezvous crew align itself to the write-up above we wish to ask all who read this to be extra careful with whatever info they give out no matter how small, and hope you are all safe.
Thanks Nelson
Hey do we invite him live On-air? answers on the comment box can determine that..so go ahead


ziemife ononye said...

Intresting!!! i fel dis is wat we shld al knw...If u guyz decide 2 bring him over 2 d rendezvous show,plzzzzz let it b on a rock Thursday cuz i cn decide 2 tune 2 another station or do smtnelse other than listen 2 d rendezvous show on a rock Thursday...I cnt afford 2 listen 2 a long sermon on dis matter...4rm his letter,omo d guy go get 2much talk & it wil b so boring 2me...M Jst sayin!

Samuel 'E-Samo' Etad said...

Yea u cud invite him, you could also get the Feb 2012 edition of 'Awake' magazine titled: 'what you should know about social networking', it gives a no.of safeguard tips to avoid when engaging in any form of social media interaction . Nice job you guys are doing and nice jamming tOo. Have a great day