Monday, 16 July 2012


Report has it that a 200 Level student of the University of Benin stole a Blackberry Phone said to belong to her girlfriend and was given the disgrace of her life by those around, including fellow students.
This is not the first time a case of Blackberry or phone theft generally leading to stripping the offender of clothes  would surface on Infonaija, and  it really levitates the curiosity of wanting to know why jungle justice practiced by Nigerians has not been a thing of real debate.

It was said that it all  happened when her friend started looking for her BB phone for over 3 hours and could not find it. This girl was asked if she saw the BlackBerry phone but she denied.
While the discussion went on, the phone rang and she refuse picking it, it rang again and again until her friend insisted she pick it, but she refuse until argument started which led to neighbours coming to the scene. The phone was later discovered and the boys around stripped her naked and abused her body.

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ziemife ononye said...

Gooosh!!! Gud 4 her,hw ar we sure she did nt steal d weavon on her her???
Sooooo disgusting.... mchew!!!